Marius Peyer


Marius Peyer studied with Pierre Favre (Jazz Percussion) and Lars Lindval (Composition, Arranging) at the Lucerne Music Academy. Further studies led him to New York and John Riley (Manhattan School of Music) and to Misha Masud (Northindian Classical Music, Tablas).Further studies in India ( dehli, Kolkata ) with Shankar, Swapan Chaudhuri.

He works on his own projects as well as in various ensembles and bands in Switzerland and abroad ( europe, america, russia, india ) with artists such as the Roland Philippe Trio, Marianne Racine , Christoph Stiefel, Eduard Rushton (London Sinfonietta), Darryl Hall Quartet, Matthieu Michel, Acoustic Stories, Chris Wiesendanger Trio, Peyer/Weber/Stoffner unsung songs, Neuromodulator, swiss indian orchestra.

Also he wrote music for a couple of animation films like, the adventures of prinz achmed. At time touring with the multi-media performance pulp noire.

He has received the Art Award of the Dr. K and H.Hintermeister-Gyger Foundation, for composition works.



Marius Peyer